Auto Motivate


About Mike Monaghan (Owner) of Auto-Motivate

Mike’s business career spans over 45 years in the industry and over 25 years in business. In 2009 he completed the sale of his successful Automotive Company (MVRA) to a FTSE 100 company. Since 2009, Mike has been engaged in several consulting or non-executive director roles in the UK and Internationally for large and small organisations in both corporate and SME sectors.

Mike would describe himself as a natural giver. A person who likes to help others and thrives to on seeing them, and their businesses, reach even greater levels of success.

The Support

Auto-Motivate draws on decades of professional and wide ranging global experience. Combining all of this, we have now developed a unique series of training courses and modules for all business types. Each journey begins with a ‘Discovery Day’ which is the critical first step to understanding the challenges, objectives and requirements of the business and the owners. It is also critical to ensure the engagement of Auto-Motivate is right for both parties.

Auto-Motivate – Vision & Values


  • To enrich the lives of our clients.
  • To help the dreamers to become achievers.
  • To unlock the true potential of the human capital.
  • To be recognised as a leading provider of mindset & performance development training in the automotive industry.
  • To deliver a lasting impact in the mindset and performance of client companies and their people.



  • To provide advice and support with complete integrity and selflessness.
  • To respect our differences and grow from them together.
  • To never accept good enough if better is possible.
  • To ensure any success is shone on the client not the consultant.
  • To enrich the lives of our clients and ourselves through learning.
  • To imagine the unimaginable and inspire the potential.

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