Discovery Day
This requires the 1-2-1 meeting between the owner or directors to gain a detailed understanding of the requirements and objectives.

Project Plan
Very often following the discovery day, it is recognised that a number of visits may be required to achieve the defined scope of support necessary and the ways in which Auto-Motivate can deliver a true and measurable return on investment for the business. We also try keep costs down for our clients by using technology like Skype and Go To Meeting platforms.

Retaining Position
For many business owners, it is often the view of the owner or the board to have a flexible retainer position. This provides both consultant and client a more tailored engagement which enables strategy, resilience and consistency for delivery of the planned objectives.

Group Training Programs
One of the most natural outcomes of the support service is to enable its message and actions to be fully integrated and implemented into the staff engagement within the whole business. Auto- Motivate has a unique range of group training programs and materials to enable and deliver against those objectives, for example: attitudinal change, improved behaviours, empowerment, leadership and team building.

Business Management Coaching
Often within a business, there is a need to assist business owners, or as part of their succession planning to provide business management coaching. This enables improved performance and motivational resilience for the owners whilst providing the dedicated development of those taking on new roles and responsibilities.

Business Management Consulting
There are times within any business, when it loses direction, focus, drive or performance. Often this only requires short, fresh and independent perspective to regain or redress that balance. This can often be restored quickly with a short consulting review.

Sales and Marketing Performance Development
For many businesses with internal marketing resources or indeed, for those who outsource their sales and marketing. There is often a need to refresh or challenge those current strategies, thinking and materials. Especially if they are failing to produce the required impact and growth. Equally, it may be there has only been ad-hoc sales and marketing approaches within the business and now there is a new demand to drive the business or marketing strategy.

Vision, Values & Goal Planning
It is all too common, to see businesses that do not have or truly understand the value of a clear vision, values and goals program. Our experience shows, that in the majority of cases beyond the pictures, words and images often produced, there is little or no evidence of adopted integration or understanding of those across the organisation and the clear benefits they can bring.

Motivational presentations
In almost every business there are times when we must inspire ourselves our management and staff to maintain their optimum performance and resilience. Simply, to provide on-going encouragement in the execution of their working day. Motivational and inspiring presentations, together with inter-active learning and development sessions can deliver extraordinary results.