Auto-Motivate Services

Discovery Day

The journey with Auto-Motivate begins with a 1-2-1 discussion meeting between the owner or directors to gain a detailed understanding of the requirements and objectives to enable us to find the best course to suit your needs.

Project Plan

Following the discovery discussions, it is important for both the consultant and the client to have a clear understanding of both the scope and objectives. The real win in human performance learning and development is achieved much more comprehensively when the model is built over a longer development cycle. Auto-Motivates courses can be delivered as standalone, but we would always recommend that they are part of a more comprehensive strategic plan.


Mindset 1-day

Mindset Advanced

Management Development

Leadership Development

Sales Development

Customer Service



One of the unique aspects of working with Auto-Motivate is each of our above courses contain multiple levels and modules of learning and development.

By understanding your specific needs, we can create a tailored course experience by using elements and modules from any of the above courses designed to meet your exacting requirements.

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